All Inclusive Wedding Packages In Costa Rica

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All Inclusive Wedding Packages In Costa Rica

Destination weddings are quite the rage nowadays, particularly in these hard financial times. One of the major reasons destination wedding are becoming very popular is that they are a cheaper option to having your wedding at home. Sounds ludicrous? Well, it is not. Destination weddings end up being cheaper, without necessarily compromising on elegance and style, for the simple reason that they tend to have fewer guests. This directly translates into a lower food and drinks budget.

Another reason is that popular wedding destinations offer awesome wedding packages that take out a lot of the hassle of wedding planning. Examples of such wedding packages are the all inclusive wedding packages in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica, whose English meaning is ‘rich coast’, is a very popular tourist and wedding destination. This is because it boasts a warm, friendly climate, has rich biodiversity in terms of flora and fauna, numerous parks and protected areas, volcanoes and many beaches. The beaches are found on both the Caribbean Sea to the east of the country and Pacific Ocean to the south and west. For this reason, a great number of the all inclusive wedding packages in Costa Rica feature a beach wedding.

Costa Rica is also a very popular eco-tourism destination.

Typically, the all inclusive wedding packages in Costa Rica will include a wedding planner, a dedicated wedding team, the marriage celebrant, bridal bouquet and other flowers, photography and a catered reception. They will also include a honeymoon package. Some packages will offer help with preparation of marriage documents, a free wedding website, a gift registry, a surprise gift, honeymoon dinner and lots of other benefits and romantic touches that make your wedding that much more memorable.

Perhaps a major advantage of the all inclusive wedding packages in Costa Rica is that couples are able to determine the entire cost of their wedding in advance. This is so because majority of the resorts offering all inclusive wedding packages in Costa Rica have different pre-set packages to suit the different budgets. If you like a more individualized wedding package that takes into account your personal tastes, some resorts will allow you to add in or make certain substitution on their pre-set wedding packages, usually at a small fee.

To get the best out of the all inclusive wedding packages in Costa Rica, it is a good idea to engage the services of a travel advisor or agent. This agent should be able to provide you with several options to choose from. Before booking any of the packages, you should ask a number of questions regarding them. For instance, you should find out if the resort you will be staying at will be hosting another wedding at the same time as yours. This is important as it may make your wedding less memorable as you are unlikely to get the personalized and individualized attention that you ought to have.